Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Exploring my fears about marketing

How easy is it for marketing, marketing research, and growth for the sake of growth to corrupt things?
Innovate With Dairy
Research conducted by the Western Dairy Research Center in Utah and funded by America’s dairy farmers has produced ways to flavor and color cheese. No one has really jumped on this idea yet, making kids’ food fun and convenient. I can think of great flavored cheese, such as bubble gum, root beer and the ilk. Sound good to you? It is not supposed to; it is for kids. This trend with kids has been a huge (and profitable) trend for many other categories. R&D people should go to the All Candy Expo and see all the creative things candy companies have done with sugar. I see no reason why there are hundreds of flavors of soft drinks, teas and herbal drinks, and two or three flavors of milk.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Heather Honey with 12 year old Scotch

Another of my top ten favorites. Heather honey from Scotland infused with 2% of The Glendronach, a 12 yr old highland single malt scotch. What a smoky finish!