Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Theory of small steps

I believe that if small steps are taken, then large distances can be travelled, yet if I wait until I can take gigantic leaps to get somewhere, then I will most likely get nowhere.

Following that belief, there will be crappy, blurry photos taken by cell phone, text without links, and sometimes just a random picture. These small steps will hopefully be edited later with links, better photos and such. Or not. But better something than nothing at all.

Moutarde Violette a.k.a. "Purple Mustard"

Another of my top ten food items. Mustard made using grape must from the leftover grapes at the end of wine season in burgundy.

My top ten list only has four items on it right now. Though I adore many of the foods I deal with everyday, this top ten list is more than that... foods really have to earn a spot there. I have to be obsessed with them. Just because they are on the list doesn't mean they're finer foods than others, merely that I'm obsessed. Hell, extra vecchio balsamic isn't on that list even though I recognize it's one of the finest tastes in existence.

Bottle of Pasolivo

This is a picture of the Pasolivo mentioned in the previous post. Many of my entries will be by cell phone text msg, so links will be added as time goes by.