Friday, December 22, 2006

29 bottles of Pasolivo Nuovo left - When it's gone, it's gone forever

By my count, after receiving quite a few cases, the Pasolivo Nuovo olive oil, one of the boldest, most robust, greenest, grassiest, dandelion-green, kale, citrusy, and beautiful blast of four or five cough polyphenol pepper bite olive oils I've ever tasted (and for some of us olive lovers that's a good thing; we can be crazy like chili pepper lovers), has been ravaged down to 20 500ml bottles and 9 200ml bottles.

That's right, 29 bottles of the 2006 harvest--never to be "Nuovo" again--are left in the United States--hell, I'll just say it: in the world except for a small retail tasting shop attached to Willow Creek Olive Ranch in Paso Robles, California. We make some fine olive oils in this country and this is one of the absolute finest.

The label of this bottling has been emblazened with a special Zingerman's exclusive recognition and...

if you want any of this there is only this last chance.

I intend to, excuse my delicacy here, sell the shit out of this with my heart & soul until every bottle is in the hands of an educated consumer (double entendre intended) who will give it a loving tummy.

It may be gone by Friday night; it certainly isn't making it past Saturday.

If you want me to hold a bottle for you and you live near Ann Arbor, then figure out how to call the deli & place an order for it.

PS -- God, I love my job. I get to eat, sell, teach about, and write about my favorite foods. Basically four of my favorite things to do.... Although it would be nice to actually be paid to write about food. I really need to push myself harder to publish food writing.