Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A knowledge sampling of French Oil/Vinegar

In order to provide as much assistance as I can to one of my colleagues, below I've provided a smattering of some of the websites I've visited to acquire knowledge of some of the French oils and vinegars we sell:

French Regional Specialties and Cuisine

A great encyclopedia on a wine site

If you're investigating vinegar, investigate the wine it comes from: a wine site describing Banyuls and Maury

Among all the mistranslations there are still clues in France's wikipedia entry on Huile d'Olive

Practically Edible, another good food encyclopedia has some collections of olive entries with a nice list of French olives and links to each.

Again, lots of mistranslations I'm sure, but who really talks about olive oil more than the Italian Wikipedia.

Given that the European Union is now the main regulating body, this PDF file from the Directorate-General of Agriculture has helpful info.

I'll try to be more helpful as time goes on.