Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pickled eggs using olive brine

Well. New discoveries are just always available, aren't they?

I ran across this astounding idea (well, astounding to me, at least) while surfing. Quite simply, making pickled eggs using the leftover brine from olives. This of course makes me want to make pickled eggs from other things also: I wonder if I can find enough garum colatura? Or maybe I could use the salt that anchovies are stored in to make pickling brine for eggs.... hmmm.

(hat tip to An Obsession with Food for the link.)

I'm Mad and I Eat: CSI Petaluma:
On the right is one of my favorite discoveries, a repeat of an appetizer Cranky and I carted to a party last night (and it seemed to meet with general approval): eggs in leftover kalamata juice. You know all those jars of olives you go through, and then when the olives are gone, you just throw out the juice? Don't! It makes the most tasty, tan, tender eggs. This one is an immediate classic in the Crankycrumb household. (We'll see whether the addition this time of a clove of garlic is thumbs up or down.)