Thursday, June 12, 2008

Moleon Olive Oil

From Paul Vossen:
‘Koroneiki’ blends. The ‘Koroneiki’ variety
is dominant all over Peloponnisos, Zakinthos,
and Crete. It is sometimes blended with
‘Kalamon’, ‘Konservolia’, and ‘Chalkidiki’
in table fruit-growing areas and with ‘Mastoides’
in oil-growing areas. ‘Koroneiki’ oils
are high in polyphenols, very stable, and very
aromatically fruity with herbaceous and
green banana characteristics. The fruit is very
small and difficult to get off the tree. Much of
the oil from Greece is made from olives with
olive fly damage, or are mishandled in transport
and stored for a while before processing.
When the fruit is clean and processed
quickly, however, some excellent oils are
produced (Vossen, 1999).

Quite honestly, if I find something from Paul Vossen about olive oil, he's my definitive source. If I could be an olive oil scholar groupie, than I would be one for Dr. Vossen at UC Davis.

Here's Paul Vossen on Olive Oil Production In Greece, it is literally going to be everything you need to know about Greek olive oil as of 1999.