Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mt. Vikos Manouri

Greek Cheese Page on Manouri:
Manouri is the most exceptional traditional Greek whey cheese with Controlled Denomination of Origin (DOC). It is exclusively manufactured in Central and Western Macedonia and in Thessalia from whey derived from ewe’s or goat’s or mixture of them, with the addition of milk and/or cream (in larger percentages than these used for anthotiros), when making hard cheeses. Manouri is a soft cheese with unique taste and flavour. The mean composition of Manouri is: moisture 51.9%, fat 36.7%, proteins 10.9%, salt 0.8% and pH 5.9.
Cheesenet on Manouri

Typical uses for manouri cheese include:

• spanikopita, the spinach cheese dish made with layers of phyllo dough and typically including a blend of cheeses, such as feta, anthotyro and manouri;
• kalitsounia, sweet pastries from Crete;
savory cheese pies, including those served for Easter—a custard pie made with a blend of cheese which may include feta, manouri, kefalotyri, or parmesan;
• in the dressing called brinza;
• served with fresh fruit slices, honey, and toasted walnuts;
• as a salad garnish particularly for salads of beans, eggplant, or tomatoes;
• as a desert cheese; and
• as a pasta topping;